Ombu News 2019

Using Open Energi’s Dynamic Demand 2.0, the Hill Farm site in Leicester will add resilience to GB’s electricity grid, helping enable a 100% renewable energy system

LONDON – SEPTEMBER 12 – Today, Open Energi announced its collaboration with Zenobe Energy to automate trading and optimisation of a front-of-the-meter battery at Hill Farm, home to the UK’s largest Tesla installation. The grid-scale project is a significant addition to Open Energi’s platform and an example of technology-enabled joint optimisation, which is pushing innovation to reinforce the UK’s energy network.

Open Energi has connected its Dynamic Demand 2.0 energy optimisation platform to Zenobe’s 10MW/12MWh battery at Hill Farm, the largest Tesla site in the UK. By using Open Energi’s market-leading control software, Zenobe is now able to further optimise its battery use across a wider range of ancillary services and trading markets

Dynamic Demand 2.0 utilises artificial intelligence to power its unique ‘state of charge’ management which maximises the performance of the battery. This increases responsiveness and tracks key indicators while reducing throughput and degradation to extend battery lifetime.

As governments in the UK and globally commit increasing investment into renewable energy, the combination of demand response and battery storage is set to play a vital role in helping to balance the grid and harness additional flexible capacity.

David Hill, Director, Open Energi, said: “We are excited to be working with Zenobe, who have been a driving force for business model innovation in the battery sector for years. As our energy market continues to be revolutionised by the growth of renewable sources, optimisation strategies in battery storage systems have never been more complex or critical. We designed our algorithmic trading capability with companies like Zenobe in mind, who recognise the importance of innovation and optimisation to meet the needs of power-intensive businesses and the UK at large.”

Steven Meersman, Director, Zenobe Energy “We are delighted to be working with Open Energi, whose forecasting capabilities and track record in the market are reflected in the quality of their platform. The Dynamic Demand 2.0 platform and Open Energi’s forecasting functionality compliments our capabilities as an asset owner and operator, and allows us to improve performance of this project in the challenging UK grid-scale storage market.


About Open Energi:
Open Energi’s technology automates and optimises a network of distributed energy resources to radically reduce energy costs and provide reliable, real-time flexibility to enable a 100% renewable energy system. The platform uses artificial intelligence to safely co-ordinate distributed energy resources at scale and trade flexibility across energy markets. Ultimately, this enhances our standard of living by helping to deliver as much energy as we want at a standard price and without hurting the planet. For more information, please visit

About Zenobe Energy:
Zenobe Energy is one of the largest independent owners and operators of battery storage in the UK with 73 MW of operational assets and a large portfolio of projects in our pipeline. We provide intelligent flexible power solutions to commercial EV fleet operators, utilities and industrial and commercial businesses. Our battery storage services help clients manage power more effectively so they can lower costs, improve resilience and reduce their environmental impact.