Ombu News 2019

Iceotope is partnering with Schneider Electric and Avnet to jointly develop innovative, chassis-level immersion cooling solutions for data centers. This newly-announced partnership brings together three global technology innovation leaders: Schneider Electric for data center infrastructure solutions; Avnet for technology integration services; and Iceotope for chassis-level immersion cooling technologies.

“Iceotope is delighted to work with Schneider and Avnet on a product that delivers on the promise of liquid cooling. Working with great partners that share the same passion for innovation, solution focused thinking and quality is a pleasure. Our ability to bring our IP to combined solutions that manage the pressing challenges of chip density, energy and water consumption, space and location challenges and the ever more complex issues relating to harsh environment and climate will be game changing in the industry.” David Craig, CEO, Iceotope

“Compute intensive applications like AI and IoT are driving the need for better chip performance. We have been putting in the time and the work researching liquid cooling and investigating the latest approaches to this technology. This partnership is the next step in the process and we are excited to be working with Iceotope and Avnet.” Kevin Brown, CTO and SVP of Innovation, Secure Power, Schneider Electric

“The processing power needed for AI and IoT requires advanced solutions to keep connected systems operating efficiently,” said Scott MacDonald, global president Avnet Integrated. “The development of a liquid cooling technology solution offers customers the performance required to effectively deploy IoT.  This is a prime example of how we work with customers to provide the advanced solutions necessary to enable IoT in virtually every industry.

About Iceotope
Iceotope’s next generation cooling technologies manage the heat generated by electronics from the cloud to the edge. Our chassis-level immersion and precision delivery liquid cooling technologies can easily accommodate the increasing heat loads from the latest processor roadmaps. Engineered to fit all standard form factors including a simply retrofits for Cloud, our technologies can cool the whole IT stack – in every use case – from the cloud to the edge. They can also be compacted into smaller custom form factors to enable edge compute, networking and storage in place that just haven’t been possible until now. By removing the need for fans and air-cooling infrastructure our technologies operate in pure silence bringing a game-changing reduction in energy and water consumption, and significant cost reductions in the design, build and operation of data centers. Because our technologies are sealed and impervious to dust, heat and humidity, they can be deployed in the harshest environments.

About Schneider Electric
At Schneider, we believe access to energy and digital is a basic human right. We empower all to do more with less, ensuring Life Is On everywhere, for everyone, at every moment. We provide energy and automation digital solutions for efficiency and sustainability. We combine world-leading energy technologies, real-time automation, software and services into integrated solutions for Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. We are committed to unleash the infinite possibilities of an open, global, innovative community that is passionate with our  Meaningful Purpose, Inclusive and Empowered values.

About Avnet
Avnet is a global technology solutions provider with an extensive ecosystem delivering design, product, marketing and supply chain expertise for customers at every stage of the product lifecycle. We transform ideas into intelligent solutions, reducing the time, cost and complexities of bringing products to market. For nearly a century, Avnet has helped its customers and suppliers around the world realize the transformative possibilities of technology. Learn more about Avnet at