Innovative liquid cooling technology enables the deployment of a silent render farm in an office environment

Sheffield, UK, 14 December 2016: Iceotope, the liquid cooling technology company, today announced the installation of its micro-modular data centre for architectural designers F10 Studios to accommodate high performance computing where traditional IT would significantly struggle.

The high speed render nodes will assist F10 to create computer generated imagery (CGI) for their customers, in complete silence, and without the associated heat issues of other products on the market. The system adds greater flexibility and scalability while reducing operating and space saving costs made possible through patented liquid cooling technology.

With heat generating IT components housed in a sealed blade and immersed in a safe, dielectric coolant, Iceotope’s PetaGen®system is contained within a resilient cabinet occupying less than one square metre of floor space and operates in virtual silence. It can be deployed alongside the teams that use it in almost any space, including office, laboratories, factories and logistics areas.

Peter Hopton, founder and technology director at Iceotope, comments: “We’re thrilled to be working with award-winning F10 Studios. Based in a busy city centre, F10 now have quiet high performance computing where traditional IT would struggle.”

“Thanks to our technology, HPC becomes much more flexible and resilient, allowing the system to be deployed in a few hours with minimal disruption.”

Nick Homer, managing director of F10 Studios, comments: “The Iceotope platform will be used to deliver architectural visualisation projects for our clients. We have doubled our render capacity using less than half the space. We look forward to working with Iceotope.”

About F10 Studios (

F10 Studios is an award-winning, architectural visualisation studio bringing exterior and interior architectural designs to life through a use of creativity and technical expertise.

Working in close partnership with architects, interior designers, developers and marketing agencies, F10 Studios proactively help to communicate vision with flair and impact.

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Founded in 2005, Iceotope is a liquid cooling technology company specialising in flexible fan-less cooling solutions for High Performance Computing (HPC), Edge of Network, and Data Centre facilities.  Based in Sheffield, UK, and backed by strategic venture capital, Iceotope’s corporate Investors include; OMBU Group and Aster Capital; a strategic investor representing Schneider Electric and Solvay.

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