Our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence was recognised by the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers, which named our Data Logger as its Outstanding Product of the Year.

Designed for placement at critical points throughout the water distribution network, our Data Loggers are a fundamental part of our Smart Pressure Management platform and are a vital first component for achieving an optimised water network.

Introduced in 2014, the new Data Loggers are half the size of our previous logger products and provide water utilities with the latest innovations in precision hardware and firmware design. They combine a compact rugged IP68 enclosure, precision componentry, 4MB of data storage and the latest communications technology to relay network data to head office via the mobile phone network.

Combined with a powerful software, the loggers provide valuable intelligence into network performance, enabling water companies to respond to problems faster, better target optimisation investments and manage service levels more consistently. They support leakage management, network service level management, monitoring of network integrity and operability, problem diagnosis and performance optimisation.