EBML, the water authority of Beirut and Mount Lebanon, has installed i2O’s dNet solution to gain detailed insight into the performance and condition of its water network.

Water demand is soaring in the Lebanese capital due to a growing population. A consistent all year round supply of fresh water is also a challenge because of low rainfall levels. EBML has been working with engineering integration firm AutomatiX to install i2O’s data loggers across its water network in Beirut to record detailed data relating to water demand, flow, pressure, asset condition and transients. Encrypted data is then communicated securely over the mobile phone network so that it can be integrated with EBML’s SCADA system, analysed using i2O software and used to inform decision making.

Imad Maalouf, General Manager at AutomatiX Group, comments: “EBML needed accurate and reliable data to inform decision making and i2O’s dNet solution was the perfect fit for its needs. dNet provides the data logging and visualisation functionality EBML requires and i2O’s loggers are easy to install and integrate with existing systems. We hope to use its solutions more widely in Lebanon and throughout the Middle East.”

Joel Hagan, CEO of i2O, comments: “EBML, like many water companies, faces challenges around population growth, urbanisation and water scarcity that place huge strain on its water supply and distribution networks. We are pleased to be working with AutomatiX and proud that our solutions will provide the accurate view of network performance EBML needs to cut leakage, reduce bursts and improve the supply of water to customers in Beirut.”