i2O, the smart water network technology company, today announced that Esval-Aguas del Valle, the organisation responsible for supplying water across the majority of the Chilean regions of Valparaiso and Coquimbo, has selected i2O to help measure and monitor the performance of its water supply network.

i2O, along with Glemans, its partner in Chile, will work closely with Esval-Aguas del Valle to deploy the dNet solution in a wide extension across the network. Esval-Aguas del Valle will get more visibility on network performance and will be able to deliver an improved level of customer service. The whole project also involves producing reports with the level of service for the Chilean regulator, SISS. All data will be available and accessible to Esval-Aguas del Valle from i2O’s dNet Enterprise data platform.

Gonzalo Murillo, Head of Deputy Manager of Network Development Department at Esval-Aguas del Valle, comments: “Esval needs accurate information about the pressure on its water network so that it can improve the supply to customers and reduce leakage and the frequency of bursts.  i2O’s dNet solution offer us accurate and complete data that we can rely upon for decision-making.”

Joel Hagan, CEO of i2O, comments: “i2O technologies are already being used by more than 125 water companies in 25 countries around the world. We are delighted that Esval-Aguas del Valle has selected i2O’s new dNet solution to collect accurate and reliable data on its network.”

“Esval-Aguas del Valle, like many utilities around the world, faces increasing demand for water and has recognised that improving the smart capabilities of its network is crucial.  We have specifically developed the dNet solution to provide water utilities with the ability to rapidly collect data that can be used to help improve the overall performance of its network.”