Phase Focus Ltd. (Phasefocus), the company bringing to market the capabilities of a revolutionary microscopy method known as ptychography, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a licence agreement with Diamond Light Source, home of the UK’s national synchrotron science facility in Oxfordshire.

By transferring the task of image formation from hardware components to a computer program, ptychography eliminates image infidelities imposed by imperfect lenses. Moreover, information-rich phase data lost by conventional detectors that are sensitive only to illumination intensity is recovered. It is bringing new user value to a wide range of analytical applications at multiple wavelength regimes in markets as diverse as life sciences, electron microscopy and engineering metrology.

Ian Pykett, Phasefocus’s CEO, said. “We are delighted to announce this licence agreement. We are keen to support Diamond and its collaborators as they develop world-leading X-ray microscopy capabilities for research into new medicines and treatments for disease, for innovative engineering, and for other cutting-edge applications.”



Dr. Ian L. Pykett, CEO
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