Bowman Power Group has been included in the 2015 Global Cleantech 100 list, as a new entrant and ‘Rising Star’. Published by the Cleantech Group, the list recognises innovative companies most likely to significantly impact the clean technology market.

Bowman Power Group’s Electric Turbo Compounding (ETC) solution recovers waste energy from the exhaust of reciprocating generator sets (gensets) and converts it to free, grid quality electricity, significantly improving the energy efficiency of the genset without increasing its footprint or maintenance requirements. This reduces fuel consumption or provides around 10% additional free power, as well as cutting CO2 emissions by an equivalent amount.

The company’s innovative technology is proven in the field, with over 600 systems deployed worldwide, which, to date, have accumulated over 12,000,000 running hours, generated over 350GWh of free energy and prevented over 120,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. ETC technology has been adopted by leading engine OEMs, power rental companies and independent power providers (IPPs), with customers including Cummins and Wärtsilä.

For the first time, Bowman has been named in the 2015 Global Cleantech 100 list. This year, Cleantech Group announced that a record number of nominations were received, totalling 6,900 companies from 60 countries. Short-listed nominees were reviewed by Cleantech Group’s expert panel, resulting in a finalised list of 100 companies from 17 countries.

“We are delighted that Bowman has been named in the Cleantech 100 list” said Dr Toby King, CEO. “The company is in an exciting period of growth, expanding into new markets and driving new product development forward. The increasing global focus on energy efficiency and CO2 management is evident in the adoption of our ETC technology. This is a great tribute to the dedication and hard work of our employees over nearly 10 years.”

Cleantech Group’s mission is to accelerate sustainable innovation. The company’s Global Cleantech 100 list is an annually-published list of the top 100 private innovation companies in clean technology, and features the companies best positioned to tackle future clean technology challenges.

“The Global Cleantech 100 provides us with insight into the collective opinion of key market players on which megatrends and innovation companies are most likely to have a significant impact in the next 5-10 years,” said Michele Parad, Senior Manager at Cleantech Group and lead author of the Global Cleantech 100 Report. “Now in its 7th year, the Global Cleantech 100 program reveals which themes are staying relevant and which sectors are taking center stage.”

To view the list, along with a full report with commentary and insight on the 2015 Global Cleantech 100, you can download it here.