Bluewater Bio International, a leading provider of innovative high-performance, cost-effective water and wastewater treatment technologies, is pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement with Norwegian based Biowater Technology (“Biowater”) to market each other’s advanced, high rate filtration and Moving Bed Bio Reactor (‘MBBR’) processes, respectively. More specifically the agreement, which was executed on February 1st 2014, covers BwB’s FilterClear™ and Biowater’s CFIC® products on a global, non-exclusive basis. It enables BwB to broaden and enhance their ever-expanding portfolio of innovative technologies, thereby strengthening their market position whilst opening up new territories and vertical sectors across the world.

The agreement marks the culmination of an increasingly close relationship over the past 18 months, as demonstrated by co-installation of BwB’s FilterClear™ and Biowater’s CMFF® technologies on a water reuse system for the Nirlon ‘green campus’, near Mumbai, India.

Biowater see FilterClear as complementary to their current MBBR -based offering, attracted by its key differentiators of class leading throughput rate and solids retention, high dirt holding capacity and low volume of backwash waste. In addition, the small footprint, minimum civil works, quick on-site installation and minimal operational intervention gives the end user a lower whole life cost over the life of an asset.

In addition to technology supply, both companies will provide, where necessary, relevant training and support.

Audun Lodemel, CEO of Biowater Technology commented: “We are looking forward to working with Bluewater Bio in what is undoubtedly a mutually beneficial alliance between two companies that share the same vision and values. The combination of Bluewater’s high rate media filter with our own low footprint, cost effective biofilm technologies, such as the next generation Continuous Flow Intermittent Cleaning MBBR (CFIC®), allows us to address an even wider segment of the market – both municipal and industrial. Likewise, Bluewater Bio is well placed to benefit from the utilisation of our technologies to their global network. Customers will benefit from the combined solution with lower investment and operation costs.”

Daniel Ishag, Founder and CEO of Bluewater Bio International added: “We view Biowater as an important strategic partner going forward, as we look to consolidate our market position globally whilst opening up the new opportunities that Biowater’s technology portfolio affords us. We have seen interest in our FilterClear technology grow exponentially over the past few months, in response to compelling performance data from tertiary treatment installations at Anglian Water and – in combination with Biowater’s biofilm processes – at Nirlon in India. Just as Biowater gain access to our technology and distribution, we are able to utilise their high performance biofilm technologies. To continue building our leading, stand-alone technology platform, Bluewater Bio must expand our portfolio with innovative, small footprint, low energy technologies that complement our existing products.

“I am particularly proud to be cementing our FilterClear offering so soon after our recent launch events at Tubli sewage treatment works in Bahrain, where our HYBACS upgrade received critical acclaim from clients, politicians and future partners alike. With both landmark developments under our belt by early February, I am confident of the year ahead.”